December 12, 2017


Elected Officers that constitute the Executive Committee

President:  Diane Giangrande  pres at

Vice-Prescient:  (vacant)  vp at

Secretary:  Ken Jett  scribe at

Treasurer:  Ron Scott  money at

Equipment Manager:  (vacant)  stuff at


Officers appointed by the President

Membership Chairperson:  Melanie Onushko membershipat

Auction Chairperson:  Gary Elmore  auction at

Koi Show Chairpersons:  Diane Giangrande & Jerry Johnson  koishow at

Pond Tour Chairperson:  Melanie Onushko  tour at

Public Relations Chairpersons:  Karoy & Cheryl Jacobs  pr at

AKCA Director:  (vacant)  rep at

Volunteer Coordinator:  Ken Jett  help at

Newsletter Editor:  Bob Chaffer  editor at

Webmaster:  Michael Anderson  wizard at


Please note if you want to email an officer, replace the word “at” and the space on either side of it with the @ symbol.