February 18, 2018

K.O.I. Certified Koi Keeper

The Koi Organization International hosts a Certified Koi Keeper program.

Here are some of the main features and benefits of the CKK program:
Anyone can participate, i.e., no requirement to belong to any group or subscribe to any publication.
All courses are online. This includes the Lab which is done online. This saves literally hundreds of dollars over the KHA program. BTW – it IS a hands-on Lab!
The money saved by not having to attend an away Lab can be applied to purchase the equipment and supplies needed.
K.O.I. instructors are hands-on Koi keepers with many years of experience. They have studied the areas in which they teach and have significant personal libraries.
Our instructors are ready, willing and able to help and mentor students. There are currently 3 US and 3 International instructors.