July 24, 2017

2017 Show


What:  The 2017 Koi and Goldfish Show

When:  September 29 – October 1

Where: Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, 2405 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Show Schedule

Setup:  Friday   8:00AM – 6:00PM

Benching:  Friday 12:00PM – 6:00PM,  Saturday 8:00AM – 9:00AM  (overflow only)

Vendor Appreciation Reception:  Friday  7:00PM – 10:00PM

Show Hours:  Saturday 9:00AM – 5:00PM, Sunday 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Awards Banquet:  Saturday  6:00PM – 7:00PM (cocktails), 7:00PM – 10:30 (dinner & awards)

Judges’ Critique:  Sunday  10:00AM – 12:00PM

Auction:  Sunday  2:00PM

Tear Down:  Sunday  2:30 – Finished

Show Accommodations

The Atlanta Koi Club has negotiated a room rate of $92.00 per night with the Hampton Inn ATL-Lawrenceville-I-85-Sugarloaf. GA for this year’s Atlanta Koi and Goldfish Show.  The address and phone number of the hotel is 6010 Sugarloaf Parkway, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30043, 678-407-0018.  The hotel is 8 miles from the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds and provides free parking, wi-fi, and breakfast.  Rooms must be booked by September 8, 2017 to obtain the negotiated rate.  If you have problems with getting these rates please contact Jerry Johnson at 678-641-2567.

Booking Link: https://secure3.hilton.com/en_US/hp/reservation/book.htm?inputModule=HOTEL&ctyhocn=ATLDMHX&spec_plan=CHHAKC&arrival=20170929&departure=20171001&cid=OM,WW,HILTONLINK,EN,DirectLink&fromId=HILTONLINKDIRECT

Hotel: Hampton Inn ATL-Lawrenceville-I-85-Sugarloaf, GA

Group Name: Atlanta Koi Club

Arrival Date: 29-Sep-2017

Departure Date: 01-Oct-2017


Awards Banquet & Tickets

  • The Awards Banquet will be held at the show site: Saturday  6:00PM – 7:00PM (cocktails), 7:00PM – 10:30 (dinner & awards)
  • Prices: $70.00 per couple   $40.00 per individual
  • Remember: 1 free banquet ticket for each $100 in trophy sponsorships
  • Tickets may be purchased online at our Shop’s Show page.   You can do one transaction to purchase show registration (Exhibitor or Vendor). Trophiy Sponsorship and Banquet Tickets.  Payments are made via PayPal.


Show Judges

We are pleased to announced that the following individuals have accepted our invitations to judge this year.

Koi and Longfin:  Jason Guevara and Dale Gingerich

Goldfish:  Luanne Porter


Show Exhibitors

Exhibitors please follow the link to the Exhibitor Information & Registration page.


Show Vendors

Vendors please follow the link to the Vendor Information & Registration page.


Show Sponsor


Show Donors


Show Pin

 Trophy Sponsors

You can do one transaction to purchase show registration (Exhibitor or Vendor). Trophiy Sponsorship and Banquet Tickets.  Please see our online Shop.  Payment is via PayPal.

2017 Koi Trophy Sponsorship

Koi 01: Grand Champion$200
Koi 02: Reserve Champion A
Koi 03: Reserve Champion B$175
Koi 04: Best Jumbo$100
Koi 05: Adult Champion A$100Ultra Balance Koi Food
Koi 06: Adult Champion B$100
Koi 07: Young Champion A$100
Koi 08: Young Champion B$100
Koi 09: Baby Champion A$100
Koi 10: Baby Champion B$100
Koi 11: Most Unique$50
Koi 12: Best in Size 1$50
Koi 13: Best in Size 2$50
Koi 14: Best in Size 3$50
Koi 15: Best in Size 4$50
Koi 16: Best in Size 5$50
Koi 17: Best in Size 6$50
Koi 18: Best in Size 7$50
Koi 19: Best Kohaku$25
Koi 20: Best Sanke$25
Koi 21: Best Showa$25
Koi 22: Best Utsuri$25
Koi 23: Best Bekko$25
Koi 24: Best Asagi/Shusui$25
Koi 25: Best Koromo/Goshiki$25
Koi 26: Best Kawarigoi$25
Koi 27: Best Hikari Moyo$25
Koi 28: Best Hikari Utsuri$25
Koi 29: Best Hikari Muji$25
Koi 30: Best Tancho$25
Koi 31: Best Gin Rin A$25
Koi 32: Best Gin Rin B$25
Koi 33: Best Doitsu A$25
Koi 34: Best Doitsu B$25

2017 Longfin Koi Trophy Sponsorship

Longfin 01: Grand Champion$100
Longfin 02: Reserve Champion
Longfin 03: Best in Size 1 Under 16"$50
Longfin 04: Best in Size 2 Over 16"$50

2017 Goldfish Trophy Sponsorship

Goldfish 01: Grand Champion$100
Goldfish 02: Reserve Champion$100
Goldfish 03: Baby Champion$50
Goldfish 04: Most Unique$50
Goldfish 05: Best in Size Mature$50
Goldfish 06: Best in Size Young$50
Goldfish 07: Best Oranda Mature$25
Goldfish 08: Best Oranda Young$25
Goldfish 09: Best Ryukin Mature$25
Goldfish 10: Best Ryukin Young$25
Goldfish 11: Best Ranchu/Lionhead Mature$25
Goldfish 12: Best Ranchu/Lionhead Young$25
Goldfish 13: Best Eye Growth Mature$25
Goldfish 14: Best Eye Growth Young$25
Goldfish 15: Best Pond Variety Mature$25
Goldfish 16: Best Pond Variety Young$25
Goldfish 17: Best Special Variety Mature$25
Goldfish 18: Best Special Variety Young$25