February 18, 2018

2016 Show

Show Highlights

The 2016 Koi and Goldfish Show was held October 7-9, 2016 at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds located at 2405 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Lawrenceville, GA 30045.  It was a very large show with: 46 show tanks containing 203 koi and 17 long fins.  Breakdown by size:  Size 1: 35, Size 2: 42, Size 3: 61, Size 4: 31, Size 5: 23, Size 6: 18, Size 7: 10.  Additionally there were 47 aquariums with over 50 high quality goldfish! data:text/mce-internal,content,is

Koi & Longfin Winners List

Koi & Longfin Major Awards with Photos

Koi & Longfin Best in Size with Photos

Koi & Longfin Best in Variety with Photos

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 Trophy Sponsors

2016 Koi Trophy Sponsorship

Grand Champion$200Michael & Toni Anderson
Reserve Champion A
$200Coastal Pond Supply
Reserve Champion B$175Koi Market
Best Jumbo$100Hal & Susan Brown
Adult Champion A$100Bob & Sue Chaffer
Adult Champion B$100Hal & Susan Brown
Young Champion A$100Randy's Perennials and Water Gardens
Young Champion B$100Margret & Butch Hansen
Baby Champion A$100Ken Jett & Brendan Berg
Baby Champion B$100Ken Jett & Brendan Berg
Most Unique$50Brad & Diana Mohs
Best in Size 1$50Diane Giangrande
Best in Size 2$50Diane Giangrande
Best in Size 3$50Jerry Johnson
Best in Size 4$50Melanie Onushko
Best in Size 5$50Marty Davison
Best in Size 6$50Marty Davison
Best in Size 7$50Dave Gill
Best Kohaku$25Troy Hensley
Best Sanke$25Marlon Tiller
Best Showa$25Jerry Johnson
Best Utsuri$25Jerry Johnson
Best Bekko$25Troy Hensley
Best Asagi/Shusui$25Karoy & Cheryl Jacobs
Best Koromo/Goshiki$25Karoy & Cheryl Jacobs
Best Kawarigoi$25Marlon Tiller
Best Hikari Moyo$25
Best Hikari Utsuri$25Troy Hensley
Best Hikari Muji$25
Best Tancho$25Troy Hensley
Best Gin Rin A$25Pondscapes Atlanta
Best Gin Rin B$25Pondscapes Atlanta
Best Doitsu A$25Pondscapes Atlanta
Best Doitsu B$25Pondscapes Atlanta
Showa Breedout BestNAThe Koi Store
Showa Breedout BiggestNAThe Koi Store
Showa Breedout UgliestNAThe Koi Store


2016 Longfin Koi Trophy Sponsorship

Grand Champion$100The Davids
Reserve Champion
$75Melanie Onushko
Best in Size 1 Under 16"$50The Davids
Best in Size 2 Over 16"$50The Davids


2016 Goldfish Trophy Sponsorship

Grand Champion$100Fish Corner
Reserve Champion
Baby Champion$50Dave Gill
Most Unique$50
Best in Size Mature$50
Best in Size Young$50
Best Oranda Mature$25
Best Oranda Young$25
Best Ryukin Mature$25
Best Ryukin Young$25
Best Ranchu/Lionhead Mature$25
Best Ranchu/Lionhead Young$25
Best Eye Growth Mature$25
Best Eye Growth Young$25
Best Pond Variety Mature$25
Best Pond Variety Young$25
Best Special Variety Mature$25
Best Special Variety Young$25