December 1, 2017


Welcome to the Atlanta Koi Club!


The Atlanta Koi Club membership wishes to thank all the club volunteers, the exhibitors, vendors, show sponsor, and visitors who make a show possible!  A special shout out goes to our koi judges  Jason Guevara and Dale R Gingerich along with candidate judges Gerald Ellison and Michelle Gravenish.  Vicki Knill was our goldfish judge.  Much thanks to visit site Michelle and Vicki for both stepping up and helping out!  And of course for the judges to do their work it takes a proper benching team, lead by Troy Head, and Miss Patti behind the keyboard!!!  Indeed it takes a village to have a koi show!

General Show Information including the Show Winner Reports and Photos

If you are not a club member and wish to receive email notifications about the club’s major public events (i.e. Auction, Pond Tour, Koi & Goldfish Show),  please fill out and submit the brief Events Notification Subscription form.  The contact information collected will be used by the club to send event notifications; it will not be sold or distributed to a third party.  Club members will be informed via the monthly newsletters plus announcements and discussions at club meetings.